Grey tiles

Born of the merger of white and black, grey is the neutral colour par excellence and exists in an infinite wealth of shades: from pearly grey to the darker, more intense hues of anthracite that approach absolute black, as well as the warmer variants of greige and mud.

Grey tiles can create modern, relaxing, welcoming environments. In addition to being elegant, grey floor or wall tiles make for a strategic choice because their neutrality creates the perfect background by which to exalt the other colours and decorative elements that complete the ambiance.  In actual fact, the colour grey can be easily matched with other hues, exalting both dark and light shades, pastel or brighter colours, as well as matching perfectly with both classic and modern furniture and accessories. Often chosen to create an urban or industrial style, or in essential or hi-tech contemporary projects, grey tiles are versatile and work well in the most varied contexts, also to optimise traditional spaces with classic or vintage furniture. In domestic environments, grey wall tiles are the perfect solution for both the living and lounge area but also work equally well in the bathroom or kitchen or even for outdoor flooring. In commercial or public environments, they are often chosen to interpret minimalist style with sober but extremely contemporary surfaces, even more so when chosen in large sizes. The range of grey porcelain tiles offered by Refin is extremely vast.