Hyatt Place Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt a. M. - Deutschland

The Hyatt Place Frankfurt Airport was born as a new building with 312 rooms on the former Rhein-Main US-Airbase and is part of the new Gateway Gardens airport district.

It is also the first Hyatt Place in Germany. The design aims to make the short stay of the business target group as positive and decelerated as possible, and still offers guests something of Frankfurt’s culture in this short time frame. The public spaces are separated by room dividers. With their tension cables, they symbolize, at the same time artistically and discretely, Frankfurt Airport as Europe’s largest hub.  

The areas thus created are each characterized by an independent design: the inviting lobby is kept clear and the guest is immersed in a bright and welcoming environment. The interior and exterior are combined with each other – nature is literally brought into the house. Throughout the ground floor, Refin ceramic tiles from the Fossil series have been chosen for this purpose, as they recall the rock formations of earlier plants. The use of different graphic motifs also creates a varied floor, which leads pleasantly through the lobby and is enhanced by the lighting concept. Living elements such as moss on the walls also spread this freshness, health and closeness to nature.


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