The Artwork

Glint is a sculptural, luminous, and sonorous installation stemming from Quayola's investigation into the natural world through complex computational strategies.

The term Glint refers to the glimmer of light on water that occurs when the sun directly strikes its surface, producing a fleeting but intense luminous reflection.

Glint continues Quayola's research on the observation of nature and its phenomena through sophisticated technological apparatuses.

The painterly practice of depicting reflections on the water's surface, the allure of such glimmers and highlights, perennial subjects of investigation for impressionist painters, are interpreted by Quayola through the gaze and sensitivity of machines.

The motion of the waves is thus translated into sculptural objects generated by algorithmic simulations.

The algorithm must therefore strive to reproduce the intangible modulations of shape and color that the human eye perceives and recognizes as marine movements, delving into their formal configurations, geometries, subtle reflections, and glimmers.

The Glint Experience

“In Glint, the representation of a natural phenomenon arises from the refraction of light on sculptural surfaces created by the artist himself. We perceive movement, but we do not see it, there is no video, there is only sculpture, lights, and the darkness of the exhibition space. We are beyond the screen, immersed in a new atmosphere that references Quayola's previous works while renewing them through a site-specific installation approach, creating an immersive and captivating scenography.”

Valentino Catricalà, the curator.

The <em>Glint</em> Experience

The Artist: Quayola

Quayola employs technology as a lens to explore tensions and balances between seemingly opposing forces: the real and the artificial, the figurative and the abstract, the old and the new. Landscape painting, sculpture, and classical iconography are some of the traditional aesthetics he uses as a starting point for his hybrid artworks.
His works have been exhibited in prestigious international institutions.

In 2013, he was awarded the Golden Nica at Ars Electronica.

The Artist: Quayola

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