Другие цвета

Coloured porcelain wall and floor tiles

The black and white and many shades of beige and grey are now flanked in the Refin range by colourful and monochromatic tiles or tiles characterised by decorative graphic patterns in lighter or darker hues of red, green and blue.

The palette of reds includes the soft shades of rose terracotta from the Fornace collection, ideal for creating soft, romantic ambiances, the more decisive colours of the Cromie Tendenze, in which red is a more frequent find and coral is used to give greater depth of character to the resin effect of Creos Coral. In addition to these, there are the orange variants of the rust colour we find in the oxidised metal effect of Design Industry and Foil and the graphic patterns that mar the majolica effect decorative tiles of the Frame range, perfect for those seeking to furnish with originality and give rooms a touch of verve.

The Refin blue tiles include the soft pastel turquoise Vetri Naturale, elegant and perfect for use not only in bathroom wall tiles but also to give an original, yet sober touch to flooring elsewhere in the home or even commercially.  Blue is also featured in the intense, ultra-modern oil of the Creos BlueBay tiles, ideal for developing captivating flooring in commercial areas or cladding walls to create appealing contrasts within the home. Cyan is also seen in some stone-effect grey variants of the Bluetech and Blue Emotion collections, inspired by the Pierre Bleue typical of Belgium.

Refin’s green tile range is extremely diversified. Wide Olive is without doubt the most neutral variant, similar to a grey, and can therefore be easily incorporated into any furnishing design.  The Verdigris of the Foil collection is instead the expression of green nuances taken on by sheets of copper as a result of the impact of air and water and is an extremely current proposal that is perfect for industrial interior style projects.  The resin effect green of Creos Lime is instead lighter and with a yellow component that makes it fresh and lively, whilst the Acqua green shade of the Vetri collection is perfect for giving a peaceful touch to places of well-being and domestic environments or to soberly furnish commercial spaces.

Our coloured floor tiles: