Pietre dei Borghi

Вечная элегантность

Pietre dei Borghi reinterprets a natural limestone, that has been widely used in the history of architecture, combining its natural appeal with the excellent technical performances of Refin’s top quality porcelain stoneware. Ceramics in white, beige and grey tints, with a balanced shading and a natural veining. Irregular stripes evoking the fossil shells which can be found on the surface of the natural stone from which the collection takes its inspiration.

  • 60x60 cm / 24”x24” R
  • 30x60 cm / 12”x24” R
  • 30x30 cm / 12”x12”
  • 45x45 cm / 18”x18”
  • 60x60 cm / 24”x24” R