The inspiration


The evolution of a quintessentially Italian classic with a trendy twist that makes it live again on elegantly informal, surprisingly modern surfaces. We took inspiration from art and nature, we updated a centuries-old material and encapsulated an excellent performance in its modern beauty.
All this is Prestigio Travertino.



The sleek beauty
of details

A sophisticated, intricately detailed product, made for people who think that it is the smallest details that make all the difference. Our tile designers masterly updated the original material by making specific choices to soften its contrasts, while keeping all its poignant beauty unaltered.



The collection includes travertine in its classic “vein-cut” iteration, with the cut parallel to the natural plane of the veins. Wavy streaks alternate with more even spots, creating a compact ground where the typical layered texture of stone is softened in the overall balance.




Shades and alternations of chiaroscuro effects add movement to the surface without leaving the boundaries of a sophisticated harmony of colours, where nuances and tonal shades, never too harsh, add depth without impairing the balance of the ground colour.

Tonal shades
Tonal shades



Rich yet never overdone graphics stand out on the surfaces of the collection where the design has been worked out to sum up the aesthetic realism of the stone and to translate it into a modern outlook. The typical holes of the original material can also be found in the bonded version, for a more elegant look.

Graphic elegance
Graphic elegance



History reliving in the present: the well-balanced, muted elegance of Prestigio Travertino meets the sleek shapes of modern architecture and enhances the most contemporary rooms.

Perfect to be laid on floors or walls, it is also ideal to enhance volumes or statement pieces in a sophisticated monolithic ‘total look’.

Used as an exterior facing, it celebrates the modernity of any building by combining the timeless elegance of the material with the shapes of contemporary architecture.

For those who prefer unique solutions and like to mix different styles, it is a perfect match for more modern materials, such as concrete, metal or glass.

Colours and surfaces

All about

Three colours define a sequential colour palette: from the pure white of Bianco with its warm shades to the contemporary nude vibe of Beige to the sleek elegance of Grigio.
The collection is available in two finishes:
Lucido (glossy), for greatest shine, and Soft, for a velvety, non-reflective surface finish.

Colours and surfaces

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Choose a finishScegli la finitura



Mixing and

Two mosaics explore the expressive potential of the material and add movement to the surfaces: from the alternation of glossy and mat triangles drawing graphic patterns to the optic combinations of three-dimensional cubes

Mosaico T Mix

Mosaico T Mix

Mosaico Cube Lucido

Mosaico Cube Lucido

Mosaico Cube Soft

Mosaico Cube Soft


A perfect balance of beauty and performance

Where tradition and innovation meet, this is where surfaces that combine the perfect beauty of the material with the best technical specifications of porcelain stoneware are born.

  • Strong

    Timeless beauty is guaranteed by a material that is shockproof and resistant to wear and extreme weather conditions.

  • Hygienic

    Sophisticated and practical, with easy-to-clean stain-, smell-and water-resistant surfaces.

  • Safe

    It is fireproof and releases no fumes in a fire; it contains no toxic substances and releases no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

  • Sustainable

    It is made with easy-to-find natural materials, it is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of without damaging the environment.

The Collection

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